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Why Papla


100% natural from packing to product.Fresh water is used to clean the leaves & coconut shells and drying by sun light.Heat pressed and hand worked to shape papla eco-friendly products.No synthetic material like plastic, chemical, dyes or wax used in the entire process. 

The general practice in this part of country is to put these sheaths and shells into use by turning it into compost and cattle fodder or using as firewood for house holds. On the same note, the sheaths & shells can be turned into eco-friendly products and the generated waste be used as cattle fodder and compost. 

Our raw material is fallen gift from nature and no trees are ever cut to make papla eco-friendly products. 

The product and by-products are all naturally biodegradable (home composting is possible) and no chemical involved in the process of production and thus it does not harm the nature. 

We are passionate about helping the environment and papla eco-friendly products enables us to live better, smarter and mindful. It is more than using papla product;it's a way of life.


It saves energy costs and its impact associated with commercial composting. And when you compost in house, you save on garbage disposal expenses and compost expenses. Also divert the organic waste going to landfills which might contribute to greenhouse gases.